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Icons , Again

I decided not to use the Jeffrey Meek icon as my default, after all. I adore the picture, but it just isn't 'me.'

Okay, so technically, my default graphic of Arwen Evenstar isn't 'me,' either, but it's a truer depiction of me than the Jeffrey Meek one is. I'm female, have long, dark hair, and I love to wear medieval-style dresses, whenever I get the chance. I'd wear them to work, if people would let me. Arwen's picture is about as 'me' as it gets, outside of an actual photograph of myself.

Much as it pains me to admit it (giggle), I'm not a tall, handsome man in a gi, who can use a katana as gracefully as other people might dance ballet or write calligraphy.

It is a pity, though, that I'll be looking at the Arwen icon so much more often than I will the one of the gorgeous man with the sword. ::swoon!::

Yes, it's true; I am totally, totally shameless in this matter. Someone should hand me a mop--or whap me over the head with it.

My husband's heart-throb is Michelle Pfeiffer. Mine is--well, you know, now. (g)

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