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Aerden [userpic]
Icons , Again

I decided not to use the Jeffrey Meek icon as my default, after all. I adore the picture, but it just isn't 'me.'

Okay, so technically, my default graphic of Arwen Evenstar isn't 'me,' either, but it's a truer depiction of me than the Jeffrey Meek one is. I'm female, have long, dark hair, and I love to wear medieval-style dresses, whenever I get the chance. I'd wear them to work, if people would let me. Arwen's picture is about as 'me' as it gets, outside of an actual photograph of myself.

Much as it pains me to admit it (giggle), I'm not a tall, handsome man in a gi, who can use a katana as gracefully as other people might dance ballet or write calligraphy.

It is a pity, though, that I'll be looking at the Arwen icon so much more often than I will the one of the gorgeous man with the sword. ::swoon!::

Yes, it's true; I am totally, totally shameless in this matter. Someone should hand me a mop--or whap me over the head with it.

My husband's heart-throb is Michelle Pfeiffer. Mine is--well, you know, now. (g)

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Riverdance
Wearing medieval clothes at work ;)

I get to sometimes. I wear garb every Hallowe'en, and long skirts every day with very plain lace up bodice type vests that with the right shirt fit surprisingly well into an office environment. And sometimes I can wear those flowy sleeved tops that are showing up in the stores lately.

But yeah, ideally I wouldn't wear pseudo-garb, but real garb all year round. Some day I want to own a store or a medievally themed pub so I could. :)

Re: Wearing medieval clothes at work ;)

I'm with you! A medievally-themed pub would be wonderful! My dream job, though, is to work as a madrigal singer at Hatfield House in England. My husand and I went there on a vacation, one year, and it was fantastic! You eat in this long hall or gallery, in the manor that Elizabeth I once lived in, and they do a little skit thing with a woman dressed as Elizabeth I and some man dressed as Dudley, I presume. But they also have a group of costumed madrigal singers who walk up and down the tables, performing. I fell in love. To be able to dress in the kind of clothing that I like to wear and sing splendid music--and get paid for it!--that's the life. :)

Re: Wearing medieval clothes at work ;)

Oh! That would be even better - to work on location! I was just going for more attainable dreams, but that sounds quite grand. I'll definitely put it on my list of things to do when I get to visit England. :)

Re: Wearing medieval clothes at work ;)

It was really neat! The only thing s I didn't like were 1. We went in normal clothes; it would have been more fun in costume, and 2. They watered the mead. (g) I'm used to going to our local Renaissance Festival, where they serve it at full strength.

Other than that, though, it was a wonderful experience, and I do hope you can go there. I was amazed that Hatfield House was even still standing.