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Aerden [userpic]
Thrown Back

I went to donate blood today, but I got thrown back because my hematocrit was 36. :( I don't get it. I'm not on my period, and I've been taking vitamin supplements with additional iron for the past couple of days, to make sure my iron was satisfactory. This is disquieting. So now, I guess I'll keep on taking thos vitamins regularly. But I'm wondering, if my iron was 36 after taking a couple of days' worth of supplements, what would it have been without them?

Afterward, we went to Office Depot, where we bought printer paper, envelops, pens, and a spiral notebook, then we had lunch at Subway and came on home.

I'm going to see if I can return later this week. They said I could come back tomorrow, so I'll give this another try, if Mark's willing to drive me over there. The Blood Center called and asked me to come in because their supplies are low. I figure, if they're calling, they need everything they can get, and my blood type is O. As soon as I can donate, I will.

I bought a couple of books last week--The Early History of Surgery by W. J. Bishop and Chapel Noir by Carole Nelson Douglas. Douglas' book is one in her Irene Adler series, plus it relates to the Jack the Ripper murders, so I am interested in seeing what Irene's take on that is.

For anyone who cares, I think Jack was a guy named Aaron Kosminski, who lived in Whitechapel. Someday, I would love to write a book covering this.

Current Mood: calmcalm

The times I've been rejected from giving blood, meh.

It's very frustrating, especially as every one of them was coincidental and usually ok if I'd had the right information and been able to come back another time. As for example: how was I meant to know if I'd been in a malaria area before the age of five off the top of my head?

Very annoying.

Oh lord!

They've added questions about the SARS virus to the list, now. Today, the technician was asking me the questions, and I almost thought she said 'sores.'

Some of the questions, though I know they're asked for good reasons, amuse the heck out of me. Such as, "Have youor any male you have come in contact with tested positive for the HIV or AIDS virus since 1977?" (something like that)

My response was to snicker and say, "He'd better not have!"