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If I Were Writing a Character in _Drive_

TV: I wasn't planning to watch this show until I discovered that Nathan Fillon, who played Capt. Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly and Serenity, stars in it. That put a whole different color on things.

For starters, same old Mal. :D But boy, could he use Zoe and River for this.

This is another one of those unfolding mystery shows, in the same vein as Lost. Someone is coercing a bunch of people to participate in a secret, illegal car race across the country in hopes of either winning $32 million or getting their loved ones back. They've been doing this for at least 27 years. Why, I have no flaming idea, but whoever is behind it are a bunch of manipulative assholes.

Sunday's episode introduced the whole concept and paired up the drivers. There's a father and daughter, there's Nathan Fillon and the actress who used to play Fred on Angel, there's a battered wife and the greedy chick who joined her, and there are two black women whose story I don't know. They were originally traveling with the greedy chick before she was manipulated into switching to the battered wife's car. There's also an ex-con (who hasn't reported to his parole officer) and his half-brother, as well as the Army guy and his wife. The soldier is about to be declared AWOL.

All of these people have to follow clues which lead them to each stage of the race. The first stage is from Jupiter, Florida to Cape Canaveral; the next stage is to Rome, Georgia.

Definite Spoiler below; don't read if yu don't want to know.

There is a point at which the battered wife, Mrs. Patrakis, almost gets back into the clutches of her husband, but the race people rescue her and get her back into the race. However, this makes her the last person to finish the qualifying round, and that earns her a penalty. She is given a photograph of Greedy Chick and a gun. She is told that Greedy Chick must not be in the car with her two friends by the next stage of the race. Mrs. Patrakis is quite perturbed at this.

Eventually, when Mrs. Patrakis confronts her, Greedy Chick solves the problem by simply transferring to Mrs. Patrakis' car. Because, after all, $32 million divided by 2 is more than $32 million divided by 3. :P

After about 30 seconds of acquaintance with Greedy Chick, Mrs. Patrakis gives the best line of the episode: "I think I should have shot you."

*giggles* Truer words were never spoken.

Now, if Mrs. Patrakis had been my character, I'd have had her be a little more Mal-like. She'd have gone over to Greedy Chick and explained the situation as Mrs. Patrakis did, but once Greedy Chick said that line about $32 million divided by 2, my version of Mrs. Patrakis would have narrowed her eyes at the woman and shot her in the knee.

Then she would have told her a few home truths--such as, "I don't care about the money, but I am for damned sure not going to spend the rest of this race sharing my car with a woman who'd just as soon see me dead. I can do division just as well as you, chickie dear, and $32 million divided by 1 is more than if divided by 2. Mess with me, and I will hurt you. Now, are we going to be partners for real, or for only as long as I hold the gun?"

Yes, Mr. Graves did come from somewhere.

I'll be interested to see how this show turns out. I have to admit, it's got my attention.

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