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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
This Week's Voice Lesson

Music: My teacher and I are going to start work on three songs--"Vittoria nel Core," "Gia il Sole del Gange", by Scarlatti, and "Danza."

My spelling of all of these is strictly a matter of imagination, as I haven't actually gotten a close look at the sheet music yet. I'll post the correct titles soon.

TV: I saw Dog and Beth Chapman on the Glenn Beck show this evening. This whole 'kidnapping' of Andrew Luster thing is getting more and more ridiculous and inexplicable every day.

Mean Old Alcohol: I'm drinking a bottle of Hefeweisen this evening and will also have a margarita later tonight. *snicker* My friend Donna and I couldn't resist.

Not a whole lot else going on.

Current Music: "Gia Sale dal Gange" - Alessandro Scarlatti