Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Back Home

It feels good to be home!

Writing: I will resume posting to novel_in_90 on Sunday.

TV: Tonight I watched CSI: Miami and Crossing Jordan. I think it's lame that they didn't bring Ken Howard back to play Jordan's father for the episode. It's also irksome for show reality that Lily wasn't in this episode, though I know she was probably filming The Last Mimzy at the time. For show reality, Lily would have been there for Jordan's surpery.

Justice: I am very glad to see that the N. Carolina district attorney has dismissed all charges against the three Duke University lacrosse players and declared them innocent of all charges. They and their families have been through hell for the past year. It's a shame, though, that their coach lost his job over this matter and that the three (if I recall correctly) have declined to return to Duke because of its refusal to stand by them.

Duane and Beth Chapman are supposed to appear on the Glenn Beck show tomorrow evening, and I hope to see them and find out the latest news on his court case with Mexico. I'm told they have already apepared on his radio show. Apparently Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo is standing up for them in their appeals case. I wish Dog, Tim, and Leland the best of luck. I think they've been given a very raw deal.

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