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NATS Scores

Voice Lesson: I was given my NATS scores today. I scored 80, 87, and 89. I personally think my performance was closer to 80 than it was to 89, but I'm still quite surprised. From what the score sheet says, the consensus is that my performance needs some work, but it wasn't below average for my level.

I need to work on keeping more openness between the palates and raising the soft palate more, singing fuller vowels, and diminishing my hand gestures. I explained to my teacher that I had gestured as if I were on an opera stage, and she said that no, I need to use smaller movements for a recital, so I'll keep that in mind for next time.

The overall assessment seemed to be that "Nel Pur Ardor," the song I've been working on the longest, was the best performed. That makes sense.

It looks like I'll be performing at a place called Bayou Manor on May 4 at 7:30pm. I'm thinking I'd like to sing "Tu Lo Sai" if I can get it up to snuff. I won't discount "Greensleeves," though. I believe this is an assisted living facility, so the audience might prefer to hear a more familiar song.

Heard on the Bus: A mother to her child: "Oh. Thank you. You are too kind--not."

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