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Tuesday Night TV Watching

TV: A rarity on House--a patient I really, really liked. Her name was Emma, and I will remember that name the way I used to remember the patients' names when I watched ER. She had a beautiful, open smile.

I caught bits and pieces of Dog the Bounty Hunter during commercials. I'm pretty sure I've seen the episode before. Now, I'm waiting for King of Cars to come on. They've got Driving Force on A&E now, so I've switched to the Science Channel, where I'm watching a documentary about the New Horizons spacecraft.

Food: Supper tonight was boneless pork chops with sauteed asparagus. Delicious!

Health: I am experimenting with not taking the fish oil gelcaps. Early assessment seems to indicate that that is working even better than taking fiber. :P I can't win for losing.

Not much else going on. See you all later!

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