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Happy Birthdays to my friend Anna Smith (April 1) and to fallenseraph (April 2)! :D

I wonder what it would take to persuade Anna that she needs a LiveJournal? *innocent look*

My friend Donna got a job! It's sales--with pay being salary plus commission. I don't think she's ever done sales before. I wish her the very best of success!

Dr. Walter Williams is hosting the Rush Limbaugh show today. I like him; he's much fun. His guest is Thomas Sowell, an author and fellow professor, I think. I own one of his books.

They keep playing a commercial for the Outback Steakhouse on the radio, which is making me in the mood for Alice Springs Chicken and some cheese fries. This a switch from the Chinese food craving I've had all week.

I am trying to transplant my character Paul Graves into a universe of his own, but planning out the story is slow going. Then, there's the Potter-based fan story, To Move the Heavens, that I want to co-write with Viv, as well. Many thanks to shusu's Grey Lady for the title!

I am now off to look at what's available at

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