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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Food, Glorious Food

A conversation between me and my friend Donna, who is our houseguest this month. (She is our houseguest only because she keeps house worse than we do. (g) )

Donna: "I'm making deviled eggs for supper tonight. What would you not like to happen to them?"

Me, looking moronic; "Uh....I would not like for them to be dropped."

Tonight's supper is fresh kachumber, matzo ball soup, deviled eggs, and grilled chicken. Tasty!

Writing: Waiting to write with sauron_the_dark and baghdaelf.

Retirement Planning: I'm turning into a retirement geek, even though the earliest I can retire from my job is at age 55--more then 10 years away. :P This evening I was looking at the US Government's Social Security Site.

I learned a few weeks ago that they calculate your earnings based on the 35 highest-paying years of employment you have. I also discovered that retirement credits (40 needed before you can collect benefits) are based on amount earned, not on length of time employed during any given year. In 2007 a credit equals $1000, so if you earn at leat $4000 in 2007, you've earned the maximum of four credits for this year. In 2006, a credit equaled $970.

I am way, way too much of a nerd with this. But I work with people who tell me they are living off of $623 per month in Social Security--only--and I'm appalled at that. I started saving at age 26--$50 a month into a deferred compensation savings account through work. But that didn't net me nearly enough, and I am now putting away $150 a month into a 457 plan and hoping that will help.

And on top of that, there's funeral planning geekery. This is what comes of realizing that my grandparents are 93 years old, thinking about their inevitable deaths and then thinking about
my own and Mark's. And I'm sitting here wondering how the hell I'm going to prepay for Mark's and my funerals, when just putting away $275 total in savings per month is stretching things to the limit?

I know I'm very fortunate that I can at least save that much a month, but I still don't know how people make all of these arrangements which really require long-term planning and saving for. A traditional funeral can cost $10,000, for godsakes. Granted, I want to donate my body to a medical school or hospital and donate my organs, if possible. That will knock some expense off of my funeral, right there. But it's still a lot.

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