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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Rehearsal Today

Today at 3pm I have an hour-long rehearsal with Jason Burge, my accompanist for the NATS spring student audition. We'll see how it goes, and I'll do my best. I know I know my three pieces, but I'm still feeling a bit nervous. I know I'm not singing all that well yet, though my teacher says I'm where she wants me to be at this stage. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will at least sound like I've received some instruction.

Writing: No serious writing today, just some interactive stuff with baghdaelf. I've mainly been concentrating on the music practice. I can't even think of anything to write, at this moment; my mind is a complete blank. All I'm really thinking about is that I need to shower and wash my hair, and I want something to eat before the rehearsal.

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Current Mood: draineddistracted

Good luck with NATS. You've been working hard, and you're going to do great. :)

You don't happen to have a recommendation for a voice teacher, do you? I don't know if your teacher is taking on new students, but maybe you know of another? I'm really interested in picking voice up again and dying for music lessons. None of the violin teachers I approached worked out, so I think it's not meant to be for now. So maybe I could find someone for voice.

Will you be participating in any performances? I'd love to come hear you sing. :)

Brandie--Frankie might be taking new students; you can always ask. She has contact information at her website. You can also see her credentials there and her blog, and she might know of violin teachers you could talk to, as well. I definitely recommend her for voice.

Thanks for the well-wishes! The rehearsal did go pretty well, so I hope the audition will, too.