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Writing: I wrote about 500 words on Dakmir today. I came up with an idea for a cultural split that took place among the Dakmiri several centuries ago, which I plan to incorporate into what I'm writing about them. This is a good thing, because it gives the overall plot a bigger scope than it originally had and opens doors for a lot more and better conflict possibilities.

Movie: Mark and I saw 300 last night and enjoyed it. I think seeing the movie gelled some of what I've been thinking about Dakmir, in fact.

I totally like Queen Gorgo.

I can also see why the Iranians are pissed off about the film. Having Xerxes running around in gold squined Speedoes and not much else except a lot of body piercings is something I would consider insulting to my culture if I were Iranian. Seriously, the guy looks like a bald Khezon having a bad hair day, and he wears this gold torc that looks like a cross between the rim of a tire and a slave collar. He has enough body piercings to rival the killer from Silence of the Lams. Icky.

I'm crossing the actor who played Xerxes off my list of potential actors to play Sgt. Rutledge if they ever do a remake of that movie. Give me Samuel L. Jackson, instead.

Another thing they did was to make a lot of the people in Xerxes' court butt-ugly. And not just ugly, but deformed. I think they were going for the whole, 'outer beauty or ugliness reflects inner beauty or ugliness' thing--which was I think a genuine ancient Greek belief, but this movie carried it to extremes.

Not that I minded looking at the hunky Spartan warriors with their awesome, unarmored chests, mind you. (g) I could watch this movie several more times, just for the eye candy.

Blood? What blood? Oh, yeah--I think there was blood, but I didn't pay much attention to it because I was too busy looking at all those six-pack abs. Yeah, baby, yeah...(g)

What has been said about the visuals in this movie is spot-on. It is definitely like loking at moving art. Every scene is indeed a painting. Truly lovely to watch, even when there is gore.

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