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I've deleted my journal entry from the 20th, because I've found out what happened. The people at the military base where my friend was staying added new firewalls to the base's computers, so he wasn't able to access Yahoo Messenger, anymore. I didn't find out about this until I got a message from him via our Yahoo Groups mailing list. So all is well, now. We still don't know what happened to the other guy who was supposed to meet with us, but we're going to reschedule the meeting for after our friend in the military returns home (today!!!) and gets some sleep, poor man.

Meanwhile, our computer is screwing up. Yesterday, it would only reboot in safe mode. Mark did a defrag and scandisk, which enabled the computer to reboot normally, but we now have only a 16-color display, instead of the normal 256-color one. Going in and changing the settings via the Control Panel doesn't fix the problem. But hey, better colorblind than unable to use the computer, at all.

We celebrated my maternal grandparents' 90th birthdays yesterday. We think Grandpa is getting a bit of Alzheimer's, but he's still functional--sleeps a lot, though. Mom made a wonderful chocolate cake (with a powdered sugar and cocoa icing), and we went to Pappa's Seafood. Pappa's is bloody expensive, but they do feed you! I had to bring much of my meal home in a doggie bag.

My coven held our Spring Equinox ritual last night, and one of our members, Kelley, wrote the rite using information from Homer about a ritual for Cybele and a book on ancient Greek religious practices. It was lovely, unlike anything we have ever done before--and he wrote the invocations, himself. Completely brilliant! The deities honored were Persephone and Hermes.

We had stuffed grape leaves and pita bread for the sacral meal (g) and then feasted on Greek food after the closing of the circle. Pastizio--yum!

I have created a journal specifically for recording my religious experiences and thoughts. It is called joyful_singer, which is part of my Wicca name. My current circle doesn't use Wicca names, but the first one I was a part of did, and I have kept the name because I'm fond of it. All are welcome to comment in my religion journal, once I make an entry in it.

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