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Aerden [userpic]
Friday Thinking and Saturday Plans

All: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Movie: Last night, we saw Amazing Grace, starring Ioan Gruffudd. It is a wonderful movie, and I enjoyed it very much. Any movie that makes me think is to be valued, and that is what this one did.

No, I wasn't thinking about slavery; that's a no-brainer. What I did think about was my own political beliefs and why I hold them. Why did I choose to become a conservative after considering myself a liberal since childhood? That kind of thing. That movie helped me articulate in my own mind why I have made the political choices I have and why I believe as I do. It's a satisfying feeling, to finally know why I believe something rather than simply knowing what I believe.

I plan to write down my thoughts on that later. Right now, I haven't had time to think and organize them, and some of what I want to say, I don't know how to say without making blanket generalizations or being offensive. I don't believe in blanket generalizations, so I have to be very precise in my word choices. I'll post it either here or publish it when I'm done.

Saturday plans:

  1. Download Yahoo Messenger and reconstruct YM friends list.
  2. See if baghdaelf is online and wants to chat.
  3. Heck, see if anyone I know is online and wants to chat. (g)
  4. Buy some Bailey's Irish Cream, chocolate mint-flavored.
  5. Clean the bathroom.
  6. Write essay on thinking about Amazing Grace.
  7. Write something about Tarran - probably won't get done until Sunday.

It's good to be back online, though I'm taking it slowly, one activity at a time.

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Welcome back to the on-line world!

I'm here.

Mom just brought dad home for a little while from the rehab center. He's still pretty out of it. I just hope he bounces back. At this point in time I just hope he can get back to where he is happy. He's angry and confused right now. I don't know how mom does it. But she is one of the strongest people I know. She is behind him a gazillion percent.

Re: hi

Tricia--I'm glad to be back--and glad to hear your Dad is able to be home from the rehab center for a bit. I hope the medicines and stuff will wear off soon so he can go back to being his normal self. I remember he was affected by all of that last time, too.

I'll be visiting my family today, to celebrate my grandparents' birthday. My sister and her kids are in town, so it's going to be a big family thing. I'll see you sometime this evening, I hope. Bye!