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Refilling the Well: I've spent the evening reconnecting to tarran_glennis' story. It feels really, really good to soak that back up again. The Imperial Secrets RPG has been revived, and I need to write a bit more of Tarran's story before I continue with myradin Glennis', my main character--Tarran is his brother.

I adore both Myradin and Tarran. Both of them want to fulfill a sense of honor in themselves, something that they didn't have much of, growing up. They are breaking out of the mold that shaped them. And they fight for the things they believe in--Myradin by learning how to be a leader, and Tarran by being willing to die for his beliefs rather than allow himself to be manipulated by others.

I feel a deep sense of satisfaction from reading my IMS pieces, even the ones which aren't all that great, because I love the overall story. It resonates with me on a deep, core level. Their story feels right.

I have felt so creatively dead lately. Getting back into the Imperial Secrets story is like diving into a deep, cool, refreshing pool. God, I've missed this feeling of being pleasud with what I write. *happy sigh*

Books: My copy of Prom Dates from Hell came in! It's by rclementmoore, and I recommend it to any of you who enjoy reading young adult fiction. Way to go, Rosemary! :D

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