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This Morning's Amusement...

...consisted of me imagining my Imperial Secrets RPG characters Tarran Glennis and Alys Maldon as the featured family member and patient in an episode of House.

To understand this, you should first know that Tarran was once an evil priest in a high fantasy setting. Then he fell in love, poor man.

*cackles wickedly to self*

So...after Tarran nearly throws Cameron, Chase, Foreman, or House across the room because he thinks they're torturing Alys, what should happen next?

Oh yeah, right. Cameron will sit down and patiently explain things to him. House will comment to Wilson that Tarran is weird, and then he will make some off-hand comment to his three underlings, speculating as to what exactly is the relationship between Alys and Tarran, anyway?

And despite the fact that Cameron took the time to explain things, Tarran will only trust Foreman among the doctors, because Cameron is too 'feely' for him, and Chase looks too pretty to be a chirurgeon.

And Tarran will say to Foreman, pointing at House, "...and that one is a lunatic."

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