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A Room Full of Kids

Work: Today, our Children's Program hosted a Braille training event at our office for the parent of our consumers. While this was going on, I and several co-workers essentially baby-sat the children while trying to provide some toy-centered Braille instruction. It was pretty neat, but tiring. :) Mark and I went straight to gaming after he picked me up, and I fell asleep in the car.

Food: Mark made Shiraz salad for dinner tonight. It is basically his kachumber salad with green onions thrown in. Very tasty!

Our Vidalia Onion Chopper is awesome! The thing is wonderfully easy to use. I think I'll suggest to one of our VR teachers that they give it a look-see as being something our consumers might find useful.

Movie: We saw The Astronaut Farmer Friday night. It's an enjoyable movie and suitable for children; however, it has logic holes big enough to drive a starship through.

I think we will be seeing Amazing Grace next Friday, starring Ioan Gruffudd. I'm very much looking forward to that. I have enjoyed all of his Horatio Hornblower films and The Fantastic Four, and this looks to be every bit as good.

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