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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Memory In!

Computer: Our 2GB of new memory is now installed! The computer is running noticeably faster, however, Netscape w lot of CPU space, so we have selected IE as our default browser instead, until we can figure out what is going on with Netscape 7.1. It is using something like 100% of CPU capacity, which isn't normal.

Anyway, we will see how IE works for the time being.

I've been lying in bed for most of the day, though we did go to my Great-Uncle Tony and Great-Aunt Marie's home to celebrate their 80th birthdays. It was good to see all of the relatives on my Dad's side of the family again, though I couldn't recognize most of them.

The cousin who was my flower girl is now 21 years old and has a daughter of her own. Scary! Even weirder, she looks and sounds (to me) a lot like my cousin Linda.

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I finally gave up on Netscape and went to Firefox. I recommend it.

Bill--I know a couple of other people who use Firefox, too. I'll give it a look.


Yay for more memory! Just out of curiousity, what turned out to be the problem? (I've just ordered some more memory for this machine - I should have done it before I got it, but for some reason, it slipped my mind. I have installed memory successfully before, but that was on my old Win 95 machine. I've a feeling the 'puters of today are more easily offended. ;-))

Re browswers, have you tried Firefox? If not, I very strongly recommend it! It eats browsers like IE for lunch. ;-)