Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Origin of the Twins?

Wedding: Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs John Cochran! They had a lovely wedding at St. Paul's Methocist Church, and then we attended their reception, which was held at the Czech Cultural Center, a beautifully decorated building a few blocks away from the church.

I have to say, John looked splendid in his tuxedo--with tails!--and Sue was lovely, in a dress with pearl beading. :) *beams* We hope to have pictures soon.

TV: We were watching The Avengers this evening after the wedding. Tonight's episode concerned a computer named George that was not working properly. Mr. Steed was sent to fetch in Sir Wilfred Pelley, who was the mastermind behind the computer--but he wasn't willing to come in and repair it. During the episode, one of the lab technicians commits sabotage on George, so the project manager proposes that they take the memory from Fred, the back-up computer, and transfer it into George.

By this point of the episode, I was rolling on the floor, dying of laughter at the idea of Fred Weasley's brain being transplanted into George, or vice-versa. Also amusing during this episode was Steed's mention that he is from 'the Ministry.'

Very, very amusing. Alas, this episode features Tara King instead of Emma Peel. Tara is still fun, though. Makes me wonder if J. K. Rowling is a fan of the show.

Computer: We tried installing the new 2GB memory sticks tonight, and the computer wouldn't boot. We tried reinstalling the old memory, and at first, it still wouldn't boot, but then Mark tried reseating the old memory, so now the computer works. We are going to wait for our friend Donna, who has a manual, to bring it over here before we attempt reinstalling the new memory, just because we're feeling paranoid.

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