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Aerden [userpic]
Give Me a Few Voice Lessons, And...

...I decide to enter the NATS competition.

I must be insane, insane, insane!

This is the National Association of Teachers of Singing local-level competition. I'm to sing three songs--one in a foreign language, one in English, and one of my choosing.

The foreign language one is "Nel Pur'ardor" from Jacopo Peri's opera Euridice.

The one of my choosing is an aria from Zaide, called "Ruhe sanft, mein holdes Leben." ("Rest softly, my lovely life")

My teacher and I haven't decided on an English one yet.

I get the feeling she's bucking for a song she has sheet music to, which is understandable; it's just that I don't want to sing a song that's been done to death. "Greensleeves" would be pretty, but everyone knows it. I absolutely refuse to sing "Danny Boy." That was her first attempt to cater to the fact that I like Celtic music. No. Ew. I know it can be a powerful piece, but I can't shake the hackneyed, over-sentimentalized feel of it from performances I've heard, and I just don't want to sing it. I'd like to sing "She moved Through the Fair," except it's godawful depressing, and it's written from a male POV. I don't bel

"Pastime with Good Company" is a possibility, but it really needs to be sung with all the vocal parts for the true beauty of it to come through. I'd love to sing "If I were a Blackbird," except that I think the guy in that song is an idiot, pining away for a woman who obviously doesn't care one whit about him. Same problem with "Greensleeves," actually.

I seriously need to find some sheet music to things. And I need to step up the practicing. Fifteen minutes a day won't cut it.

Current Mood: determineddetermined
Current Music: Aria from Zaide - Mozart?

I was going to suggest "long black veil," but it's also god-awful depressing and from a male POV.

Farewell to Tarwaithe's a great one.

Hm! I've never heard of "Farewell to Tarwaithe."

Another possibility is "The Green Fields of Gaithdobhair." I think it's on a Clannad album.


Farewell to Tarwathie.

A couple verses:

Farewell to Tarwathie,
Adieu, Mormond Hill,
And the dear land of Crimmond,
I bid ye farewell;
I'm bound out for Greenland
And ready to sail,
In hopes to find riches
In hunting the whale.

Adieu to my comrades,
For a while we must pairt,
And likewise the dear lass
Wha fair won my hairt;
The cold ice of Greenland
My love will not chill,
And the longer my absence,
More loving she'll feel.
Has a very mournful elegiac feel to it. I first heard Judy Collins do a version of it, and I've loved it ever since.

What about a good English folksong, like Lovely Joan (about a woman who tricks a man who wants to seduce her. Vaughan Williams uses it as the counterpoint tune in his Fantasia Upon Greensleeves. There's a really good version of it on Martin Carthy's first album. See http://www.mudcat.org/@displaysong.cfm?SongID=3755

It's in Cecil Sharp's 100 English Folksongs (see http://www.musicroom.com/se/ID_No/07903/details.html) as if The Trees they Do Grow High (also known as Long A-Growing - see ), which is just beautiful and very sad. Again, Martin Carthy does a lovely interpretation.

Both are women's songs, though.

And you can get the songbook through Amazon.

Mel--Oooh! Songs which have sheet music are a definite plus. I'm looking at Mychael Danna's "She Walks in Beauty" (from Vanity Fair for the English language song, but if I can't find sheet music for it, I will need to choose something else. I like your suggestions!



Yep. Totally out of your gourd. Lost your marbles. Your elevator no longer goes all the way to the top. Nuts. Bats in your belfry. Completely and totally loony. :)

I wish I was doing it with you. But you still need to record yourself and put it up so the rest of us can hear you. Have fun!

Personally, I recommend some Mary Hopkin.

Re: Crazzzzzzzzzzy!

Heh...We could show the Island Stallions a thing or two! :)

What part do you sing? Bass?