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Aerden [userpic]
Ticked off at Crossing Jordan

TV: I watched last Sunday's episode of Crossing Jordan tonight. I believe it was the worst episode I have ever seen in this series.

The first case of the episode is this 13 year-old boy who has shot himself because he was being repeatedly molested. He leaves a note stating that the person who did it was named 'Dave.' Jordan works out that 'Dave' must be one of the counselors at his summer cam/daycare. She and Lou, the blonde police detective, visit the summer camp to talk to the guy named Dave. To my complete astonishment, not only Jordan but also Lou accuse the guy of being a child molester, even though they have no evidence, whatsoever. They even tell him that someone with his name was mentioned in the kid's letter, which is incredibly stupid.

The stupidity just goes on and on and on throughout the rest of the episode. Now, I have observed Jordan in past episodes to be impulsive, hotheaded, and prone to using unorthodox means of gathering evidence. But I have never known her to be downright stupid about it. Always before, she has done her job, done the forensics work, and so forth. I have never known her to go around with zero or only circumstantial evicence and try to make a case with that. And I don't understand why Lou didn't drag her the hell away from their suspect the moment Jordan opened her mouth. Frankly, she shouldn't have been with Lou in the first place.

Usually, the episodes follow this format:

1. A crime happens; Jordan does the autopsy.
2. Jordan thinks person X committed the crime.
3. Jordan does more digging and realizes that person Y committed the crime, instead.
4. Person Y is arrested.

During this episode, it was Dave all the way through. It appears he is guilty. But they won't be able to make a charge stick because they have no concrete evidence. If he shows up in a future episode--and I think he will--this guy will walk because of their stupidity in this episode.

I don't know if this is meant to wake Jordan up to the fact that she is behaving irresponsibly, or what. I'm afraid she is in for a big, big fall, and I hate to see it, because she normally does not act this way. I've never seen her go in with no evidence whatsoever and try to accuse someone of a crime. What if she'd been wrong, for God's sakes? She'd never have known it.

Right now, I want to throw something at the writers for this show. I don't mind having a character get into trouble, but I do mind her acting way out of character and dragging other normally more sensible characters into the abyss with her. It's outrageous.

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I don't watch the show because of Jordan's unorthodox methods of crime-solving. She comes close to being an official vigilante--and the effects of that in the real world are never so cut-and-dried, or even justifiable.

This episode? Oh, Lord. It's one thing to stand up for the victims of molestation. It's something else entirely to just railroad a suspect without an iota of proof! Damned irresponsible.

Keep us updated. I'd like to see if she does take that well-deserved fall.


Kris--Yeah, me too. Because at this point I'm inclined to say to Jordan, "It's all yours, baby! Let the avalanche happen."

I am all for characters being larger than life, but they have to be velievable, too.


(No subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Alan and the Doctor


I can so see that! Hehehehehe!!!!!

The cross I keep wanting to do for some reason would be with House, but this is even better. :D


Alan and the Doctor

This reminds me of a series of cases in the 1980s when a lot of people got tossed into stirr on trumped up charged of child molestation. Many of these unfortunates were owners/operators of day care centers. Despite "evidence" that wouldn't pass the laugh test, many of these people had to spend years in prison trying to clear their names.

There should be a sequal to this episode and it should take place on Boston Legal.

Int. Coroners Lab - Day

Jordan is bent over the burnt corpse of some unfortunately victem. A knock sounds at the door. Jordan looks up.

And sees Process Server standing in the doorway.

Jordan: May I help you?

Process Server: You certainly can.

He hands her a piece of paper. Jordan looks at it dubiously.

Jordan: What's this?

Process Server: You've been served.

Process Server leaves in a hurry as Jordan's face goes wide eyed with shock and anger.

Int. Lobby of Crane, Schmidt, and Poole - Day

Jordan comes storming in, scattering secretaries and other underlings in her wake.

Jordan: I want to know what the hell is going on!?

Alan comes out of his office.

Alan: Ah, Dr. Cavenaugh, how delightful to make your acquaintence.

Jordan: Are you responsible for this--this--

Alan: Actually I intend to argue that you are responsible. It's not done for a government official to accuse a citizen of raping children without a shred of evidence.

Jordan: Oh, you're working for Dave, I see.

Alan: He is my client, yes. Have you a lawyer, Dr. Canvenaugh?

Jordan: Not yet, but let me tell you what you can do with your law suit. You can stick it where--ooop!

Jordan jumps almost ten feet. She turns as sees Denny Crane standing behind her, leering, his hand on her posterior.

Denny: Denny Crane.