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Friday Night at the Movies - The Queen

Mark and I went to see The Queen, starring Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen. For some reason, I felt uncomfortable at the idea of seeing this movie, but once it started, it wasn't bad, just very strange. If this movie is to be believed, the royal family barely shed a tear over Diana's death and were, on the whole pretty unfeeling about it--more annoyed at the inconvenience than anything else. The only ones who show any real emotion are Elizabeth and to some extent Charles.

I personally think Charles was probably a total wreck when it happened, though that's just my speculation. The way I see it, you don't sleep with a woman, spend time with her, and raise two sons with her, and feel nothing when she is suddenly killed in an accident. I suppose I'm just putting my own feelings into the matter, but as a wife, I can't imagine Charles not shedding a tear. As he is portrayed in this movie, he seemed to want to show a lot more emotion than he did, but his family stifled him.

It felt really weird to me that none of the royal family characters, except Elizabeth and Charles, cried or seemed in the least bit emotionally upset. I am really quite surprised that Elizabeth herself went to see the film. That took guts, because her family is portrayed very badly in it. Seriously, I would be ashamed to have relatives like this. That's why I hope to God they were more human in real life, and I would like to think they were. I would like to think that they would have given Charles more emotional support, as well as the Spencers.

It surprised me that William and Harry did not have speaking parts in the film, nor did we see Andrew. Edward, or Anne. We only see Princess Margeret over the telephone. I suppose the purpose of this is to show the family's self-imposed isolation.

I did find the sequence of events to be a little off. In the movie, there's a 14-point buck that I think was meant to symbolize Diana. We first see the buck immediately after Elizabeth cries. I would have had her cry later. At the time she cries, there seems to me to be no real reason why she cries--except maybe that she's alone and can do it in privacy. If the director had waited until later for this, we would have understood more, I think, why Elizabeth cried, and I think it would have been more powerful. But maybe the director wanted to be more subtle about the Diana symbolism; I don't know.

On a more trivial note--the actors playing Tony Blair and Charles looked amazingly like the people they were based on. Very neat!Helen Mirren kind of sort of looks like Elizabeth, but not really.

If you are going to curtsey and make it look like deep knee bends, wear a long dress. Deep knee bends in a knee-length dress just looks so bad. I would go for a ballerina-style curtsey unless that is just Not Done.

Did anyone else get a gigle out of the fact that Elizabeth II's private secretary in this movie is a man naed Robin? Shades of Robert Dudley!

Anyway, good movie, but very strange. Not a movie to eat popcorn by.

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