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Happy Birthday, marvo!

Work: We took our Independent Living Skills class out to the local HEB today to buy groceries. This involved taking two buses to get there, shopping for lunch fixings, and then taking the bus back--with about a 40-minute wait before the bus even showed up on that return trip. We didn't bother taking the second bus; we simply walked, because it was too cold and rainy to wait at the one bus stop that had no shelter. It was 40 degrees out, and we had one lady in a wheelchair.

We decided to consider it an Adventure. (g) It was actually rather fun, though my feet got cold.

I bought a new 62" umbrella because someone stole my black one. *sigh* I love the bigger diameter of the new umbrella, but I will miss the automatic opening button and the nice hook I could use for carrying it. The new umbrella just has a stick handle, without even a loop to slip it over my wrist.

Cold: I once again sound like I am hacking up my guts from phlegm. :P Bleah. I bought some Cold-eze lozenges, which contain zinc. That should help my sore throat, though I hate the taste of zinc. *grimace* Ick, ick, ick!

IMS: I finished the latest Myradin post and sent it out. Now I need to write part 2 of it.

Good news--I found some old write-ups for L'Isle and posted them to the Reboot forums. I have a ton for Medina and have posted everything I have for L'Montaigne.

I need to bring Tarran back, but I'm uncertain of hwo to do it. A great, romantic scene between him and Alys just doesn't seem appropriate, though I know it is what Tarran (and possibly even Alys) wants. Tarran would never presume that she would welcome him. (This last paragraph makes absolutely no sense to most of you; don't worry. It's just me babbling to myself.)

USS Odyssey: I need to write a response to Dr. Termal's latest post.

Jocasta Weyr: It's on the back burner, to be handled as soon as I finish the USS Odyssey post.

TV: I will be watching Dog tonight. I think Bones is supposed to be on tomorrow night, and House will return next week. I am disappointed beyond words that 3lbs. was cancelled. *sigh*

Weather: I believe we're likely to go under a flash flood watch tonight or tomorrow. Joy! Who knows? Maybe we'll get another day of administrative leave.

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