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Hand Center of Houston

TV: 'My little girl Sophie' on the Hand Center of Houston commercial must be at least ten years old or older by now, but on the commercial, she is still shown as an infant! I guess her father couldn't get her to sit still long enough after she got older. Or maybe she's all punked out with weird body piercings and tattoos now that wouldn't look good on a TV commercial.

Or maybe he's in denial about her being old enough to date.

Or too cheap to make a new commercial? Naaah.... (g)

Me: I must wash my hair today.

I am sipping on some Throat Coat tea from my 'I Ship Paul/Lilith' mug.

Time to go off and work on Vendetta.

Vendetta: 1205 words

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,945 / 67,500

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