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The Smell of Technology

Writing: I have been rewriting a story I wrote several years ago, called Vendetta, for the novel_in_90 community. It is highly amusing to me that I'm having to update the technology I used in the story.

In the original version of the story, the audo CD found in the murder victim's CD player contained a crucial piece of evidence to solving the crime. I am now laughing at myself as I change all mention of CD's and CD players to the futuristic version of the iPod. I am sure, however, that there will be technological advances by the time of this story that will leave iPod technology in the dust, but since, to me, the iPod is cutting edge technology, I can't imagine what those advances are. About the closest advancement I can think of would be ITE earphones which would contain the music and which would be controlled by either thought or nano-technology.

For the story, I'm just going to stick with an iPod--unless Apple comes out with something cooler in the meantime, of course.

My writing schedule is that I take Tuesdays and Fridays off from the novel, unless I have them off from work.

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Extreme Coolness! Thexe people built The Battle of Helm's Deep out of candy over the Christmas holidays. Is that cool, or what?

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