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Aerden [userpic]
Birch Beer

Food & Beverages: I tried birch beer for the first time last night. It was pretty interesting. The taste is very similar to root beer, though not quite as sweet. However, the drink is very red. I don't know if this was from dyes or natural birch bark coloring. Anyway, it was kind of creepy, because the carbonation foam was decidedly pink--more pink than I liked. (g) Anyway, not a bad beverage.

Gaming: A huge black dragon with red markings kept flying over our party last night. It killed an assassin who was traveling with us, and then it kept doing fly-overs. We're not sure what this means, but the DM has warned our party that black dragons are EVIL, so we're not comfortable with this situation. We are up in the El-Arashi lands now, having departed Lacutta, and we're frankly happy to be there, as Lacutta is full of slavers, thugees, and other unpleasant folks.


Birch beer isn't supposed to be red - up here, it's colorless, and while there is some similarity with root beer there's sort of a wintergreen finish to the taste. I like it a great deal.

I'll look for a colorless variety, then. The red is just too weird-looking. I agree with you on the taste--quite nice.


Birch beer is uncommon west of Pennsylvania, but does show up in Minneapolis in a few places. Where was the birch beer you drank bottled/canned?

I've seen it both clear and red; I don't have a preference.

Quebec has spruce beer, which is...intense. One sip might be enough for you, as it was for me.

I've never tried (or heard of) spruce beer before. Apparently, that might be a good thing. (g) The HEB we went to also had China Cola, which I'm thinking of trying.