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Thursday Update

House: Tuesday night's episode of House has to have been about the stupidest one I have seen yet. This is the first time I have seen the cast actually do harm without having a really good, solid reason to back them up.

No, I really do not consider seemingly psychosomatic heart attacks whenever the love of his life entered the room to be sufficient reason to wipe the patient's memory. That was the most asinine thing I have ever seen them do. It scares me that they didn't even really question it; they just went with House's proposal with, it seemed to me, very little, if any, protest.

If I'd been the patient, I'd have told them, "No effing way are you going to induce amnesia on me! What the hell are you thinking?!"

and the fact that the rehab was a joke in all respects didn't improve the episode any.

The fact that they nicknamed one of the rehab attendants Voldemort, however, I found highly amusing!

Work: Much talk of retirement planning and investment savings, etc. One of our co-workers might retire this year, so this has become a frequent topic of conversation--how to save, how much to save, what sort of investment product to put savings into, and so forth.

I have Friday and Monday off. Hurray! Mark and I plan to go see the Benjamin Franklin exhibit at Houston's Museum of Natural Science tomorrow. I'm very much looking forward to it.

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