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Dream - February 12, 2004

Last night I dreamed that I had found the skeletal remains of a body. For some reason I was digging around in a huge pile of dirt by a driveway that wasn't my own. I kept coming across pieces of cranium and the left pelvis. So I asked Mark (my husband) to get on the bus and bring the county medical examiner over. Mark thought I was being silly, so I finally just held up a piece of pelvis and said, "Duh! These are bones! There's a whole skeleton here. See?"

That freaked him out, so he went hurrying off to the bus stop and pushed a little button on the pole to let the bus driver know to stop there. That's about when I woke up. I had the sense that the body was that of a gunfighter from the Wild West, because there were belongings with the body--leather saddlebags and so forth.. Inconsistencies in the dream--Mark can drive; he wouldn't be taking a bus. Plus, we'd call the police, first. Lastly, I'd do my best to leave skeletal remains in situ. Still, interesting dream.

In other news, my Aunt Wilma got out of back surgery and is doing well! She has surgery yesterday morning to remove calcified cysts from two of her vertebrae.

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