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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Tuesday Off Work

Music: I frittered away much time this afternoon uploading more music onto my iPod. I now have some Welsh harp music, as well as the Lord of the Dance album, and some Renaissance music.

I also bought real headphones to go with the iPod; I don't like the little earbud things they sell with the iPod; they kept falling out of my ears, and I've lost the headphone covering to one of the earbuds, already. The Sony headphones work a lot better. It is annoying, though, that you have to buy so much extraneous stuff for an iPod. What they sell you in the box is the bare basics. Insidiously clever marketing ploy, that.

Side note--I can't find my Sami Yusuf album. That annoys me.

SPH: I posted an entry in sp_sethgraves, just for the heck of it. I like doing that, every once in a while. Besides, I read prof_s_snape's last entry the other day, in which he mentions returning to the journals (back in 2004!), and I got nostalgic. I know the game is dead, and I think it's best, that way. But what the heck, nothing wrong with writing an entry every once in a while, for old times' sake.

Oh--and Seth wants an iPod now. *rolls eyes*

The difference between Seth and Paul is fascinating. Paul doesn't want an iPod; he prefers to either hear music live or to play it himself.

Work: I have to go back to work tomorrow. Wah! But I have so much to do, so I really need to get back there, especially if I want to be able to take Friday the 12th off.

President Ford: His state funeral was very nice today. The two Presidents Bush, Henry Kissinger, and Tom Brokaw spoke, which I thought was a pretty eclectic collection. I am continually surprised that Kissinger is still alive, but I think he's younger than I've always thought he was. He had black hair when Ford was president, so he can't have been all that old, back then.

I was amazed at how tiny Betty Ford is, now--though I do think she looked tall, somehow, when President Bush escorted her down the aisle of the National Cathedral today.

*feels very, very determined to continue drinking milk* I am 4 feet, 11.75 inches, and I don't want to get any shorter!

It's interesting how people's opinions of Ford have changed since he pardoned Nixon, and it was interesting to me to discover why he did. Apparently, Ford was annoyed that Nixon would never admit guilt for the Watergate affair. But he read somewhere in the Constitution that to accept a pardon is to admit guilt, so he offered it, and Nixon accepted it. I know a lot of people back then, my mother included, thought that pardoning Nixon was a quid pro quo on Ford's part--a pardon in exchange for the Presidency. It's neat to find out the truth behind these things, and that makes me confident that a lot of the hype and hysteria I hear from people in the news nowadays will eventually prove to be unfounded.

Though I could be wrong. (g)

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Are you Welsh? Cymru am byth!
One of the CNN commentators had an interesting story. Ford was unseated by Jimmy Carter who was, in turn, unseated by Ronald Reagan. Apparently, Ford was offered the Vice Presidency spot on the ticket during the 1980 election; both he and Reagan agreed upon the arrangement, the details to be worked out by their respective staffs. Well, they were unable to reconcile their differences and eventually the offer was withdrawn. Subsequently, George W. H. Bush was offered the spot instead of Ford. So, if Ford had run, Bush would never have been elected Vice President, nor President, and the present occupant of the White House might never have been elected Governor of Texas, certainly not president. And no Iraq war, as a bonus.

That's amazing! An interesting story I heard about Ford--Apparently, when Spiro Agnew resigned after the bribery scandal, the higher-ups in Congress went to Nixon and told him, "If you name anyone other than Jerry Ford as Vice-President, he won't get confirmed." That is how highly they regarded Ford's integrity.

Re the Iraq War--Well, that still might have happened, simply as a consequence of the attack on the World Trade Center, depending on what Saddam Hussein in that timeline would have done with his chemical weapons and how good our intelligence would have been as to where he was keeping them. Still, that would be a very interesting timeline to explore. How would someone else have handled the situation, given the intelligence that was available at the time, I wonder?


Oh!--And no, I'm Italian, not Welsh. But I love harp music, and I like writing poetry in the 24 Welsh syllabic meters.


I was looking at Seth's journal and saw his post. So fun!

And is that to my Lisa? Because I'll respond XD

Okay, I take it back. I can't reply because I can't remember the password...I think I changed it to something generic when I gave her up and now I can't get into it :(