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September 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Isn't It the Weekend Yet?

Imperial Secrets: I emptied the dishwasher when I got home, washed off the few things which had accumulated during the day, put them in the dishwasher, and then went to the computer to read new Imperial Secrets stuff. I need to write my next post, but I'm not quite certain if I should do that or wait. A longstanding character who had been gone for a long time is coming back soon, and I want Myradin to be there when she returns, because, well, he's babysitting her kingdom. He'd like to be present to turn it back over to her.

Movie: After messing with IMS, I caught a bit of Transporter II. It's a fun movie, and I think my character Paul would respect and approve of the main character quite a lot.

My favorite scene is the one in which he opens the trunk of his car and pulls out a neatly-folded, clean shirt and tie exactly like the MIB suit he has on, but not torn and scorched.

Paul: "Always look professional; it's a mark of preparedness."

Work: I'll take a couple of hours off tomorrow and leave early so I can get my pedicure done and because I just plain want to. Hardly anyone is at the office, this week.