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Aerden [userpic]

Mark and I spent Christmas day with his family over at his sister's house out in Cypress. A lot of family came over, including our brother-in-law's family, as well as Mark's brother and his partner. We got to see our nephews, as well as a lot of their cousins. It's amazing how those cousins have grown!

I got us both iPods with some money that my parents had given me, and Mark gave me a beautiful, silver necklace of Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix. I wish I didn't have to take it off for things like sleeping and showering. (g) It's gorgeous!

I love the iPod. To my ears, it has beautiful sound quality. I've put my album Sabbatum on it, and it sounds exquisite on there. I've also found out that there's an album out that is a string tribute to Tool. Like Black Sabbath, I've never heard anything by Tool that I know of. I want to check that out. I wonder what you call this genre of music that takes hard rock and heavy metal songs and makes classical-sounding music out of them? Rondellus did a splendid job with Black Sabbath, so I guess the trend is catching on.

We didn't exchange gifts among the family by drawing names, this year. Instead, we all pooled our money and bought a goat from Heifer International, which goes to a family who could use it. We chose a goat instead of a cow because, apparently, the family is allowed to keep kids but not calves. Calves have to be given to Heifer International so they can go to other families. Plus, goats can eat darn near anything, whereas cattle require more food that is hard to grow on barren land.

We saw a rerun of a national spelling bee competition while we ate lunch. Those things are really neat and intense to watch, because those kids sweat. There is no one in a national spelling bee who goes in there and just aces it. Everyone is nervous. The kid who won sounded as if he was going to pass out at the mike. (g) He spelled the word, 'autochthonous.' I'd have enjoyed the spelling bee much more, though, if I'd been able to hear over the chatter of everyone else in the room. *sigh* Other words I remember from the spelling bee were paresia, oyez, viminous, and lagniappe.

I drank too much white wine and got a bit hungover by 10pm, but it was still fun. The weather has turned cold, alas.

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Sounds like Christmas was enjoyable!
I've never heard of Heifer International. Sounds like a great cause.

We had a very laid back Christmas with gifts only for the kids.

I get to do the honors of giving Jaz and Kayla's gifts tomorrow.

BTW I'm in the room. Hope to see you.


Re: Christmas

Tricia--Hey! Good to see you! I've been doing Imperial Secrets stuff all evening. Do you want to meet Thursday night?


Re: Christmas

I'm there.

Dropped Michaela back at home. She's coughing like crazy so they got her an early Dr. apptmt. Jasper goes in for chemo tomorrow afternoon. So he's spending tonight with me.
Josiah is soooo little! He's beautiful!
David, his dad, has been pretty cool. he said "Go ahead and get your baby time." We didn't get much chance to talk last time I was here as the focus was just on finding out everything we could about Jaz. This time was much more relaxed.
I am really glad I've gotten a chance to see Jaz before he goes in for radiation. It has helped reassure me.

I'm heading to Atlantic City tomorrow. Going to try a casino or two.

Have to be home the 2nd. Dad has his procedure on the third and we won't feel safe until after he is out of the hospital.

See you later!