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Saturday Activity

Wizarding World OC Fiction: This morning, I did basic set-up of the cg_paulgraves journal for his Wizarding World stories. I haven't put anything but an index page into it, yet. Each story in there will be locked private until I finish it. I might write some stories in vignette format, the way we do in Imperial Secrets. That way, people can have something to read before the thing is done. And that kind of fits with my 'writing in spurts' work style.

Hm...Could be interesting to start a Wizarding World OC Fiction community. I know others out there write Potterverse OC's.

11th Pass Pern: I also set up a journal for Aran Weyr, as a place to put things I write with Dave on YM so that those story snippets can be saved and eventually spliced together into stories. I realized I needed that the other night. I'm beginning to wish I'd done it as a community, though; that would be easier, because then any Aran member on LiveJournal could use it. I think I will start a community. But I'll wait on that until we have more members. Right now, it's just an NPC Weyr, and the real concentration needs to be on getting Jocasta up and running.

No, I have no idea why I am suddenly on a journal creation kick. It's weird. I guess I just want to create stuff at the moment.

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