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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Imperial Secrets!

Gaming: Imperial Secrets is back! For any former players reading this--Perhaps you've noticed that you are once again receiving posts from the IMS (L'Isle) list? It's not a dream. We're up and running. Please feel free to join.

(This means you, Suse! Brian Shafner especially asked for you. I would have, but I didn't think you'd respect me if I groveled. (g) And no, I am not abandoning Tarran on Ardaea. I just have to figure out where I want to go with his story. I won't be writing the Ardaea version of it in IMS.)

(And, DUSTE EGGERS! This also applies to you! Please do a Google search on your own name, once in a while, will you? We really, really want you back! Where the hell are you???)

And anyone who likes a really good fantasy game--I stayed in IMS for five years and was a steady player until its creator closed it a couple of years ago. I don't think we yet have provisions in place for accepting new players, but we will definitely want new folks. I'll post more news as I know it.

My character Myradin Glennis' entries are available in myradin. The most recent one was written today.

Review of Imperial Secrets

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*snuffles sadly in a corner*

Sarah!--*huggles* Why the sad face?


I'm still on the mailing list (i joined just before it folded as you probably don't recall) so i saw the recent flurry and pointed it out to Suse. She was quick to note that her Ex was part of the re-emergence, which is probably not the best of omens.

Small World Update: Was nosing on amazon the other day to see what books were out there and i was checking out a couple of reader lists on Historical Fantasy Fiction (amongst other subjects) and one of them happened to be your husbands :)

Theo--Yes, I remember your character. :) I can't remember his name, but he appeared in his birthday suit and stumbled across Taseh at that home for wayward people that the old lady had started. I am so foggy on names...

You ran across Children of Apollo or Nocturne?

Which one is the ex? I remember that he used to play Dagda.


My chap was called Fallen, so named cos he didn't know if he had a proper one or not so that was all he could come up with.

Twasn't your fella's book i stumbled across, rather a list of book recommended by him for Historical Fantasy Fiction (though i noted he mentioned Children of Apollo in the title he gave the list). I just found it amusing that of all the list by all the people who have written them on amazon this happened to be a book list by the husband of someone i kind-of knew.

The 'Ex' would be a chappy called John, don't know his surname though or who he writes.

Theo--Fallen! Yes, that's the one. I enjoyed his story.

Re John--I don't know who he's playing now. He's not playing Dagda, I don't think.

Mark is working on a non-fiction book about the space program, now. (I guess my nagging has finally paid off!) Children of Apollo was self-published, and it has sold well (for a self-published book) because he hasn't been shy about marketing it.

But I would really like to see him write a book in a more respected venue. He will never be respected as long as he self-publishes, and he truly is knowledgeable about this subject and deserves to be recognized for that knowledge rather than dismissed as second-rate because he has only produced self-published books.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can find a pro publisher for this.


In fairness, I think Ardaea has died a natural death. Without enough other writers on board, while I've been taking one of my periodic absences from writing, it's trickled down to nothing. I shall likely take the site down some day, I think.

I'm no longer on any of the IMS lists, if someone wants to add seraphim@fallenseraphim.com to them I'd be happy to have a look. As Theo said, my last-before-Theo is on the list so as long as no hassle gets caused I'll contemplate getting my hand back into that universe.

I still have the information salvaged from the old IMS website, half rebuilt, if people are going to pick up where they left off and are interested in having that resource again.

Suse--Re the old material--Yes, I think it would come in handy. Try visiting this URL:
Imperial Secrets Reboot Forum

If that link doesn't work, the link to it that I've placed in the Links section of the L-Isle list works.

It would be great to have you and Theo in the game again. I know John is still on the list, but I'm not aware of who he is or if he's posting--mainly, it's Dona, Jani, Josh, me, and Michelle posting.

Things will be changing in L'Montaigne, as Thera is returning. (Yea! Myradin can travel about the country again1)

Do you want to work on any of the Alma Mergen things about the Skyways?


Right, I'm part of the forum and have asked folks what they want me to do, if anything, with the website info now that Car seems to be on the scene and hints that she has a full backup of the old site.

I'm going to bring Ilena, the In'ree, and Rafe back into play. As part of the In'ree stuff, yes, it would be good to work on the Alma Mergen stuff again :)

Suse--Fantastic! I fell in love with your In'ree from the first post you wrote about them, and the rest just sucked me in further. They are a wonderful, wonderful people. Thank you so much for bringing them back. I hear Sarah will be writing a new mage character. Neat!

I'm debating bringing Tarran in as a PC.

Where is Car showing up? I haven't seen anything from her and haven't seen any pile of greetings to her.


The Car Returns:


She and Jani are talking about rebuilding a new website in php/the like. I've put forward an offer to build one in nice plain html while they're playing about with code, etc.