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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Online Annoyanc

Computers and Internet:

1. I cannot get into my Yahoo email from my home computer; haven't been able to since Thursday night or Friday, though I can access it from work. I don't know what's going on; I keep getting the 'Page cannot be displayed' screen whenever I try to log in to Yahoo--for email and Yahoo Groups. I need to get into both of these things, and I'm having no luck whatsoever.

Of course, I cannot ask Yahoo Support about the problem because--duh--I can't get into Yahoo itself or my email to ask. Not that their so-called Help is ever spectacularly helpful, anyway.

I've done a disk clean-up, a defrag, and have done a Spy Sweeper session to clear the machine of adware. Our anti-virus software is on and updated. Still no luck. I don't know what else to do.

2. Memory Upgrade. How do you find out what sort of memory you need to buy so you can upgrade your computer--short of pulling out the indwelling memory to see? A friend of ours wants to check our BIOS to find out, but there must surely be an easier and equally accurate way, right?

3. I'm looking into buying a notebook/laptop computer. Is there a difference between the two? They seem to be lumped into the same category, now.

One company (I can't remember if it's Dell, Gateway, or Hewlitt-Packard), offers Bluetooth in their customization options. I don't know if I want that because I don't know if I would need it or use it. I don't particularly want Windows Media Center. I do want the computer to be upgradeable to Windows Vista, if that turns out to be a stable platform.

Edit: For email, I'm going to see if Yahoo will allow me to create a second email address. If nothing else, it should be spam-free.


Your Yahoo debacle reminds me of an episode of Dilbert in which Dilbert goes to one of his coworkers asking for help because he can't get on the network, and he is told to send her an e-mail about it.

I know I've had problems like this before. I'd like to help, but I don't use Yahoo. Sorry.

Argh, I absolutely hate it when technology is doing strange things and you have no idea why and can't do anything about it. >:-( You've probably done this, but have you tried cleaning out your cookies as well? I know old cookies has given me a headache more than once. :-/ (Of course, there's also been times when cleaning out the cookies have done absolutely nothing to help with the problem, but it might still be worth a shot...) In any case, I hope you get it straightened out!

Nixnivis--Too many cookies turned out to be the problem. :) I'm so glad that was fixed!



Just Yahoo?

1. Well, you did what I would've done...but add 'deleting offline files' and aye, cookies too! Though I'd turn my aDSL off then turn it back on...might be packet that choked but i doubt it.

2. im not sure what you meant on this one? Are you asking how much memory your computer have? as in RAM [not hard disk]? Or are you asking how much memory you should buy your computer? Or do you mean what kind of RAM you have [as in SDRAM, DDRAM?]

how much memory your pc have? right click on MY COMPUTER > PROPERTIES w8 for it to finish loading, bottom part..you'll see how much RAM[random access memory] you have.

What kind of RAM: SDRAM = Black slots;
DDRAM = Blue Slots

You open your PC though to see if the memory slots are black or blue...just open the right lid.