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Food: Dinner tonight is sauteed asparagus.

There's also round steak smothered in onion gravy and a steam-cooker full of rice, but I'm going for the asparagus. Mark bought lots of it. Yum! He cooked it in olive oil, lemon, and a little garlic.


TV: I'll probably just watch Dexter tonight. Nothing else interests me. Mark and Tom are watching The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but I'm not really into that, though it is amusing.

Shopping: I bought myself a new pair of shoes at SAS for $92. I was afraid they'd cost over $100, but they didn't, thank goodness. I also bought stocking stuffers for my co-workers. I'm giving little packets of coffee, some micro-fiber dishtowels, and some woven leather change purses, most of which was bought at the dollar store. Gotta love the dollar store.

I still want the chocolate mochiato votive candles I saw at the grocery store yesterday and again today. They smell soooo good!

I also bought myself a Season's Greetings mug at the dollar store. It is larger than the ordinary mug and has a wreath on it. I'll bring it to work tomorrow.

Caroling: We were invited back to sing Christmas carols at next year's Lights in the Heights, so my music teacher is making plans for that. She is also talking about a recital in April, but I don't know if that's just for her school students or for both the school students and the adults.

The event as a whole was neat! We had to park two streets north and several streets to the west of our singing location, but it wasn't too cold, and it was a pleasant walk. These are a bunch of Victorian-style homes, and they were all ablaze with Christmas lights. There was a Celtic group out there, Mark said, and someone playing banjo, as well as a group called the Swamp Snake Band. I'm guessing they were Cajun. There was also someone playing heavy metal--go figure!

My music teacher is expecting her baby sometime in January, so it looks like she will be taking that month off, once the baby arrives. If we are having a recital in April, I suspect I will need to practice like crazy, nonetheless. I wonder if she'll have me sing "Nel Pur Ardor?"

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