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New Quiz, X-Rated Superbowl, etc.

Well, I saw Janet Jackson's address at the press conference, explaining what happened at the Superbowl (Her co-star, Justin Timberlake, make a grab for her during their music number, and her top came off, exposing one of her breasts).

She claimed that she decided to change the act after the final rehearsal and everything 'just went way wrong.'

I thought half the reason you do a final rehearsal is so your financial backers can see what you plan to do so they can prepare themselves for any possible legal trouble or public outcry resulting from the act, or else demand changes. Changing the act after that seems like dirty pool, to me.

Plus, even though her brother Michael's legal case has nothing to do with this, her behavior can't do much but reflect badly on the family, who are looking bad, anyway. I don't know what she thought to accomplish from this. Dang, girl, don't use a pull-away top, next time...

*snicker* I took my own quiz, and the result was

First Lady Laura Bush
You are Laura Bush! You're a bit shy, but you rise
to the occasion of political and social
prominence with poise. You are quiet, but
friendly and are a gracious hostess. You and
your husband have a very close marriage.

Which First Lady are You the Most Like?
brought to you by Quizilla

I was kind of hoping for Abigail. Oh well. (g)

Not a whole lot going on, today, just job searching. and a bit of writing.

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