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Suckage :(

To put it facetiously:

"Beevis, this sucks worse than anything has ever sucked before." --Butthead

My friend Donna called me today about her medical transcription teacher. On Sunday, she was informed that the teacher had had a 'medical emergency' and that their classes would not meet for the next two weeks. This was worrisome, as the lady was 8 months pregnant. Today, it was confirmed that the teacher had lost the baby.

I know the teacher; I once interviewed for a job with her. She's a lovely woman, and this has got to be just about the worst kind of hell on Earth. I'm sure she's got the nursery decorated, the baby clothes all bought, and everything. I feel awful for her. This would have been her second child, and I'm thankful she at least still has her son. I doubt that makes her feel much better right now, though.

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