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Aerden [userpic]
Suckage :(

To put it facetiously:

"Beevis, this sucks worse than anything has ever sucked before." --Butthead

My friend Donna called me today about her medical transcription teacher. On Sunday, she was informed that the teacher had had a 'medical emergency' and that their classes would not meet for the next two weeks. This was worrisome, as the lady was 8 months pregnant. Today, it was confirmed that the teacher had lost the baby.

I know the teacher; I once interviewed for a job with her. She's a lovely woman, and this has got to be just about the worst kind of hell on Earth. I'm sure she's got the nursery decorated, the baby clothes all bought, and everything. I feel awful for her. This would have been her second child, and I'm thankful she at least still has her son. I doubt that makes her feel much better right now, though.

Current Mood: surprisedstunned

My condolences for the teacher. What a tragedy for her. :(


Kris--I'm still in a morass of disbelief. Eight months! I don't have words.


Eight months is long enough to start dreaming, planning, and hoping. The poor woman. She wanted this baby, and to lose it has probably felt like having her heart carved out of her.

And her husband has the unpleasant choice to make of whether to pack up the baby's things, or leave them for later. I know people who'd say that the considerate thing for him to do would to be to get rid of it immediately. On the other hand, she has to have time to grieve, and if he gets rid of everything that could remind her of their baby, it may make the pain much worse . . .

(I sometimes wish I'd never read "The Year of Magical Thinking.")

I hope she'll be all right.


Kris--I think that's one of those things they'll have to decide together. Me, I can see wanting to keep the baby's things around for a little while, until I could get over the worst of it. I hope she'll be all right, too.


Oh no! How awful.


My condolences to the family and especially to her. My best friend lost her daughter, Danielle, when she was at 8 months along as well. I can only hope the doctors encouraged her to do what was needed for her own closure and peace of mind. My friend was able to see Danielle and say her goodbyes after they delivered her. It made a huge difference in how she grieved.

My mom still regrets they did not let her see my baby brother, Ross, when she lost him. She was at 7 months and in the 70's they did not allow the mothers to see them.

I'll be praying for her and her family.