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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Cold Weather Coming

Looks like Houston is supposed to get hit with Winter tomorrow. It's snowing in Norman, Oklahoma and I think in Dallas. It's still warm here, about 70 degrees, but that'll be dropping tomorrow.

Good episode of Bones tonight.

See you tomorrow!


Yep, it was a good one indeed =D I loved *the* hug hehe, it was cute. The videotape was something scary though!! Those screams!!! Eek!

Oh, yes, that videotape was awful! Especially when I looked at the blood spatter on the poor guy's face and thought, "I have seen way too much _Dexter._ That blood came from his neck."

They should have shown that episode for Hallowe'en.

Booth: "Talking with you is just like talking to a guy, except you're not--you know--a guy!"