Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Who Let the House Out?

TV: Okay, tonight's episode is about the most unprofessional I have ever seen the characters on that show act. It doesn't surprise me to see House acting like an ass in front of the patient, but it does surprise me to see the three junior doctors arguing about differential diagnoses in front of the patient.

You don't argue that stuff in front of the patient. You go into an office or a conference room and have the argument. I'm no doctor, but I do work in an office, and I've been around doctors. Granted, House isn't in the least a realistic show, but geeze, this is annoying.

Looking forward to 3lbs.


Dear Randall's,

Tonight in your store, I found pita chips, feta-stuffed green olives, and spreadable cheese containing feta and spinach.

You act like I have self-control or something! Stop it! I have none! Waaah!


Me :)

PS: The olives were quite tasty. We had them in our Caesar salad this evening.

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