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Monday, Monday and Back to Pern

Work: And the annual eval was...satisfactory. :)

Today, I was able to get done all the work I had thought I was going to do last Friday. Tomorrow, I have two eye reports to type, and then at some point, I have to start boxing files to be archived and/or shredded--if the archive boxes have arrived, which I don't think they have.

Pern Fandom: If you like Pern fandom and would like to find a good writing club, I invite you to check out Jocasta Weyr and its sister Weyr, Aran. Jocasta is led by gypsy_anna, and I and sauron_the_dark lead Aran.

The tech level is not terribly advanced from what it was in the 9th Pass books (before AIVAS). We are trying to focus on realism with regard to the support personnel, and we are looking to populate the timeline. Once Jocasta gets enough members, the NPC Weyrs in the timeline (of which Aran is one) will become fully active.

While the emphasis is on story writing (with a zine), there is provision for a monthly round-robin RP and for a monthly IRC chat.

At Aran, I have allowed the Temeraire books to influence me, so the Sr. Weyrwoman and her Second are chosen in an unusual way. As for plots in general, Dave and I promise skullduggery. (g)

Dream, the morning of 11/20/2006: I dreamed that I was at home, still living with my parents. It was early in the morning, and I was watching Dexter on television. The show ended, and I suddenly realized that it was now 9am, and not only was I horribly late for work, but my Mom probably didn't realize I was still in the house, and I was going to get in trouble if I didn't hurry up and let her know I was still home.

She's blind, and in the dream, she didn't like being home alone (Dad was at work) and hearing someone else in the house without knowing who it was. I went into my parents' bathroom to call my boss to let her know I'd be in late. I chose their bathroom to do this in because Mom was listening to a Talking Book on the den couch, and their bathroom was as far away as I could get, so she wouldn't hear me.

I never did tell Mom in the dream that I was home, though, because I kept waking up and realizing that it wasn't 5:30am yet, so I wasn't really late.. Then I would fall back asleep and return to the dream. I felt very, very drowsy in the waking state.

This is at least the second, if not the third, time that I've dreamt about Dexter. That is starting to worry me. (g)

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