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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Dorky Software Packages

I (re-)discovered last night that my computer has Microsoft Works installed on it instead of Microsoft Office. This means that I cannot download.xls files from the Internet because my computer doesn't recognize them.

I do admit that I don't need the entire Office suite at home. I'm perfectly happy with just Word and Excel; I don't need PowerPoint, and I certainly don't need Access. *shudder*


Office is the standard. If Dell and Gateway are going to sell computers to people with the software already loaded, I really think they should scrap Works entirely and just pre-install Office. I doubt that most people upload Works files to the Internet. Thus, Works is of limited use for communicating with others. The Works spreadsheet program lacks the full functionality of Excel, and it shows.

Really, folks, just install the standard.

Current Mood: grumpygrumpy

I don't know anyone who uses Works. It baffles me that they are still installing it on their computers!

Heck, I use NOTEPAD more than Works.

Have you tried using Google Docs and Spreadsheets? I suspect you'll be able to open an Excel file in that and then save it in Works format. Or you can simply keep it online and play with it there.

Have you ever looked at Open Office? It not, give it a try.

Forget about Microsoft Office and download/install Open Office. It's open source, free, and beautiful. It has almost all of the MS Office features, including a Power Point clone, and can load and save in all the Microsoft formats like .xls and .doc. It even has an Access substitute called Open Base. The only thing missing is a PIM like Outlook, but I could suggest lots of equivalent or better programs from elsewhere, all of them free or cheaper.
Break the chains of servitude, try Open Office, and you'll never look back.

I'll add a third recommendation for Open Office.

Open Office?

I'll add a tentative vote for OpenOffice. I've used it myself and it's not bad. In my experience, though, it's not -truly- compatible -- there are some formatting issues that I ran across -- but it certainly beat paying Micro$oft hundreds of dollars for the latest iteration of M$ Office.