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The Weather Overhead: It is windy outside! This is the sort of weather that makes me feel as if I ought to be Morgan le Fay, standing on a hill, casting spells as the wind tosses my long, dark tresses.

It is blowing signs over and tossing trash about. It's been a while since I saw wind like this.

The power in our entire office building was out for two hours because of wind damage to power lines, but it came back on, alas, so we had to stay at work. *sigh*

TV: I rather like Three Pounds. Having seen a lot of doctors in my life, I can say with certainty that Stanley Tucci acts more like a real doctor than Hugh Laurie does, and I like that. I enjoy Gregory House, but as a doctor, he's totally unbelievable.

However, I have to say that seeing Muerte (from Undercover Blues) playing a world-class neurosurgeon makes me giggle uproariously.

"No! I'm Muerte. Muerte!"
"Right, Morty. So call me back, sometime."

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