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Medical TV Heaven

TV: Tonight, I get to find out if I can concentrate on NaNoWriMo while I have House and Three Pounds on. This is also Dog the Bounty Hunter night, and I have a feeling my favorite shows will clash, somewhere.

Holidays: I can't believe it will be Thanksgiving next week. I will be contributing fried eggplant to my family's dinner. My grandma is getting the meal from Kroger's this year, and I have a sneaking feeling that Kroger's doesn't know how to make Grandma's fried eggplant or fenocchi. They don't know what they're missing!

You scored as C.G. Jung. You are more of a spiritualist than would be immediately apparent. Some of your notions are questioned by the cynical, but deep down you know the human consciousness is more than the flesh and tissue can account for. You tend to take a scientific observationist look on matters the average person wouldn't even begin to analyze. You personally are responsible for most of the ideas that are floating around in modern psychologist's/psychic's paltry little skulls. On the down side, you tend to be associated with that asshole Freud.

What Pseudo Historical Figure Best Suits You?
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