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Welcome to New Friends - The Cloud! - Overcoming

Please welcome ralski and zeonn to my friends list. Both are Fellow Writers, and their entries can be found under that friends filter link on the left side of my journal screen.

I am off to make cinnamon rolls, now. Yum! :)

Happy News--I found the online text of The Cloud of Unknowing. *does happy dance!*

Momentary weird musing on the song, "We Shall Overcome," which I will be singing with my church choir, Monday night. Love the song! Am looking forward to it. :)

It interests me that the song says, "We shall overcome...someday." I am drawn to wonder how far in the future this mysterious 'someday' might be--decades? Centuries? At what point will anyone be willing to declare that 'someday' has arrived? Or will no one ever be willing to admit the possibility that any form of prejudice can, for the most part, have been 'overcome?'

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