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Houston Area Nanowrimo Gathering

We met at the HEB Central Market over on Westheimer today at 2pm to get to acquainted and have a kind of pep rally. It was fun getting to meet some of the other insane NaNo people. I got to meet octoberdreaming and her husband David in person, finally!

It seems there's a bit of a competition going on between Texas and Maryland, this year, for highest average word-count per day. Hopefully, we will whip Maryland's butt. (g)

HEB Central Market is a neat place--sort of like Whole Foods and with an awesome deli. Mark and I must go back there. While waiting for him to pick me up, I bought plastic cartons of honeyed pecans for me and a snack called Sweet Cajun Fire for him. The pecans are to die for!

Anyway, I look forward to writing. I will likely join the West Houston group for their write-ins in Meyerland, which is close to where I live.

I'm getting things organized for The Twice-Failed Quest. I'm still shooting for quality over quantity, though I would certainly like to make the 50,000 word goal if I can without producing a lot of crap. We'll see.

The gathering was quite enjoyable, except for the band. It wasn't a bad band, but it was loud, and I could barely hear the people at my table speaking. Other than that, though--much fun!

I wonder if Cue's Burgers near my house is a hot spot? It'd be neat to have a write-in there some Saturday, but I don't know if it's wireless-capable. It's open until 8pm Wednesday through Saturday.

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