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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Writing the End First

Going with rclementmoore's advice to write the ending first, I am confronted with some story issues.

For The Twice-Failed Quest:

  1. If I destroy the evil deity's domain in order to save the object of the quest, what's going to happen to all of the people who are still alive down there?
  2. Do I really need the knight, or are the priestess and the mage enough?
  3. What are the consequences going to be, if my characters do something so extreme as destroy the evil god's domain? I don't really care, but the evil god's high priest insists I should figure that out, and I have to admit, he's right. I just don't want to write a second book in this universe.
  4. If I destroy the evil deity along with his domain, that would be theologically bad, wouldn't it? It would throw that universe off-kilter. So I don't know if I should do it.
    </ o/ol>


For 4: If you destroy the evil deity, that ecological niche might be filled by some smalltime god/demon/angel.

Or by the current ruler of the really, really, nasty domain below the evil deity's domain, though he'll have to become much less evil to manage it.

I'm thinking more mystically or spiritually off-kilter. Something along the lines of, 'Evil doesn't stay vanquished forever; something always comes in to refill the power vaccuum.' But for a while, there would be a vaccuum.

Ilviak, though in may ways the most evil deity i can imagine, at least restricts his evil to a very one-on-one, intimate level. He's no megalomaniac. So my characters will be asking themselves, which is worse--Ilviak, or some upstart deity who might do massive damage to the world at large?


Hmm. Well, there's a theological argument that you can't have good without evil, that is, you only know what is good by knowing evil. Without evil, there is no good, so I think that destroying the evil deity utterly might not be a very good idea. I imagine that chaos might result.