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Aerden [userpic]

Hm...I've got this friend, Duste, who likes to write and is a brilliant writer and storyteller. I also have at least one access code, at the moment. I wonder if I could lure her into LiveJournal?

What do you think, Suse? Should we try it? Or am I just getting too addicted to this thing?

You and Viv have a wondeful time, this weekend! :) Are you leaving poor Theo all alone? Can he be bugged with email? (snicker)

::Decides to stifle self:: See you later!

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Trumpet voluntary from the 1990's Little Women

Luring friends into LJ is a time honoured tradition as is LJ addiction. However, if you want to hold onto your code I have plenty.


Hi, Viv! Oh, I don't mind giving my code away; that's what they're for. (g) Many thanks for the kind offer, though!

I'll see about luring Duste. I certainly wouldn't want to buck an honored traditions. Hee-hee...