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Celtic Festival

Celticness: Mark and I and our friend Donna went to the Celtic Festival down in Clear Lake today. It was not what I had expected. I knew it would be small because Clear Lake Park is small. But aside from the bands (which were the best part of the whole thing) and the beer, there was very little that was Celtic about this event. The food offerings were barbecued brisket sandwiches, sausage or chicken on a stick, hot dogs, and Frito pie. No Scotch eggs, no colcannon, no haggis. The only beers available were Harp, Guinness, or Miller Lite. :P

The t-shirts were good, though! I got one that says, "The ways are many; the Light is one!", and I got one for both Mark and me that has a picture of Benjamin Franklin on it and the quote stating that those who would trade liberty for safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. I was thrilled to find that one. I was also tempted to get the one that said, "I have a vocabulary of over 75,000 words, and I'm not afraid to use it."

I plan to wear the Benjamin Franklin one to work this coming Friday. The other two shirts I got for myself are a little too pagan for the office, particularly the one that shows a pentagram with a chalice on one side and an athame on the other.

I've decided that I'm Catholic at the heart of it. But I believe in a lot of the values that Wicca promotes, and "The ways are many; the Light is one." is my ultimate belief about religion in general.

Then there's the t-shirt I got for one of my gaming friends for his birthday present: "No job too easy. Dragons rescued, virgins slain. No fee too large!" It is so very him!

Looks like Donna will be a regular gamer from now on.

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