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Wednesday Update

Writing: I found a way to get rid of the Dakmir plot bunny I didn't want--I gave it to a different story. It is now happily there, stewing away, and not bothering me anymore.

I'm beginning work on the third culture for the Dakmiri world. it's the Ezeran Empire. Looking at the Ezerans and the Dakmiri, I can see that the Churethi are going to be right smack in the middle of their conflict. Joy. Now I have to mull over how all of this will churn along.

I'm planning to attend the Houston NaNoWriMo Meet-Up on Oct. 29. I've never gone to one of them before. I've always thought, "Why would I hang out in chat forums and exchange emails with people when I need to be writing?" But this year, since I'm focusing on quality, I should have the luxury of meeting some of the Houston NaNo writers. I hope we'll have a write-in or two during the month; that would be fun to attend, even if all we do is sit around and feverishly write. :)

From tarlia: Word processing freeware for writers. RoughDraft and StoryRight. These are definitely worth checking out!

Music: No music lesson this week; my teacher is judging a school contest of some sort.

TV: Mark came in and is watching a show on the History Chennel about the deaths among Napoleon's soldiers during his attempt to invade Russia. Gruesome. A horrifying lot of dead soldiers. :(

Meme: Nabbed from kathrynthegr8:

Your Head Turning Halloween Costume Is
Lady In Waiting

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