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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]

Writing: I came up with an idea for Dakmir this evening that is actually worthy of a novel, instead of the smaller ideas I've been working with up until now. It will require the creation of a third culture.

I've been working on Dakmir over the weekend, but it was mainly minor worldbuilding stuff, with nothing new to add to the story.

Books: I bought a copy of One Night with the King over the weekend. I hate this custom of renaming novels after the movies made based on them. I will eventually go to Amazon and buy a copy of Hadassah, the proper novel, but I have to admit, I did want one with the pretty pictures. (g) The book is by Tommy Tenney.

NaNoWriMo: I am thinking of working on Dakmir for Nanowrimo this year. I think I will not attempt to meet the 50,000-word goal. But I will work on concentrated, focused writing, the best writing I can do, to get the basic story down. I don't think I will ever work toward the 50,000 words in a month goal again. My focus is on quality, now. 'No plot, no problem' doesn't cut it. That just wastes my time. Preparation must come first.

Current Mood: indescribableI must be insane.

I like your ideas about writing. I wish I could be as productive as you seem to be, but I'm in college right now and what with school work and other stuff it's hard to find time to write. And even when I have time to write it always seems like something else distracts me.

I just went to the bookstore last night and came back with a whole bag of new books. Buying books is like a compulsion with me--every time I enter a bookstore, I end up having to force myself not to buy about twenty different books, but even so I still end up with quite a stack. And then it torments me for at least a week afterwards that I don't have time to read the books I just bought.

When I had a cataract back in 2000 and couldn't really read comfortably, I still bought books. I have a stack of Civil War medical history books that are still in the queue. The first thing I did after the cataract was removed was to read Order of the Phoenix..

I love, love, love to read. So I feel your joy/pain. (g)