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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Stormy Weather and The Science Channel

The Weather Overhead: Houston has been under flood warnings all day. Brays Bayou, near my house, is very high, and it's still raining. Even the buses weren't running for some of this morning, so I went in to work late--I wasn't about to ask Mark to drive me to work through water that the buses couldn't get through. They closed our office at 4pm today and let all nonessential personnel leave before then, so I left at 3pm and luckily was able to catch a bus home. It was raining all the way south.

At this rate, I'm not sure if the office will be open tomorrow. We'll see what happens with that.

An Open Letter to the Terrorists:

Dear Terrorists,

Last night, I was informed by the Science Channel that you guys don't have to worry, anymore. It seems that Mother Nature will see to the disposition of Our Sinful Nation all on her own and doesn't need any help from amateurs.

Between the supervolcano stewing under Yellowstone Park and the western half of La Palma Island sliding into the sea, creating a mega-tsunami that will wipe out the eastern seaboard from New York to Miami, I really don't see that you guys have to exert yourselves.

My best advice to you is that you should go home, get real jobs, get married, have kids, relax, have happy lives, and let Mother Nature take care of Our Sinful Nation. I promise, she'll do a great job; she always does. Maybe you've heard of the Universal (earthquake) Event of circa AD 365? She was behind that. Cool, huh? I'll bet it contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire.

It's all Stephen Hawking's fault, by the way. I wanted to see that show on The Science Channel about the Hawking Paradox, and I thought it was on last night. Turns out it is on next Sunday, but I got hooked on the programs about earthquake storms and mega-tsunamis, in spite of myself.

That evil Science Channel is addictive, I tell you, addictive!

So anyway, terrorists--Just go home, relax, sip some tea, eat some popcorn, and enjoy the show. You don't have to do a single further thing. Really.


Me :)

Natural Disasters: A further note--According to the Science Channel show on earthquake storms--Istanbul is likely to be hit by a significant quake soon, as it is in the stress zone left after the Izmit Bay earthquake. That is going to be an unholy mess, with the heavy population density.

Edit: I just found this Wikipedia article on La Palma. Apparently, there is cause to dispute the notion of half of this island sliding into the sea. Makes interesting reading.

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It's Disastrous!

I was watching those shows, too, and I told my wife this is what's going to happen:

An underwater earthslide in the Pacific will start a tsunami that will wipe out the West Coast, then the stresses from that will kick off the Big One, which will take care of what's left over there. Then, the forces from the earthquake will trigger the supervolcanoes in the West, which will bury the middle of the country. That, in turn, will start the slide on La Palma, and so much for the East Coast.

Meanwhile, we here in southern Alabama will be doing just fine...:)

Re: It's Disastrous!

What are your predictions for Indiana?

Re: It's Disastrous!

Indiana's somewhat near Yellowstone Park, right? It might be toast.


Re: It's Disastrous!

Dave--Au contraire! You forget the volcano winter that will occur when the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts. Extinction-Level Event there. But I figure I don't have to enlighten the terrorists about that. Let them live in blissful ignorance. (g)


Re: It's Disastrous!

Oh yes, Indiana. I forgot about the New Madrid fault, and I think that'll help take care of Indiana. Get out now -- move to Alabama while there's still time. :)

Maybe I missed that...I was too busy laughing while they were talking about how it was going to Kill Us All. Still, though, I think some of us will pull through. Why not Alabama?

Interesting. I was actually planning a book in which Nature was actually sentient and was on its way to declaring war on humankind. The idea was that after we've misused and abused Nature for so long, it's "mad as hell, and not going to take this anymore," so to speak. The characters were going to assure each other that, although such a development is basically unavoidable, it will still be many years before things reach a crisis--of course, once war is declared, which will surely be through a series of natural disasters on a scale as yet unheard of in recorded history, it will probably be entirely one-sided and not so much a war as a massacre. Because when Nature gets pissed, mankind is basically screwed.

Could we maybe assure the terrorists that evil societies eventually implode on their own without any outside help? Because that's generally true.

Could we maybe assure the terrorists that evil societies eventually implode on their own without any outside help? Because that's generally true.

I'm waiting for North Korea to do exactly that. Someone in that government has got to have some sense, right? I hope?


How will your book take into account the fact that we here in the West have actually gotten quite a lot better at environmental protection and cleanup over the course of the last thirty-five years?

That only works if you don't have Mayor Nagin in charge. :P


It's Not Nice...

Too true, too true.

You know, they were looking for folks to help clean out and rebuild their wastewater system not long ago (seems most of their folks decamped and never came back). I thought about it but...::shudder::

As far as Nature is concerned, it's too little, too late. Nature is kind of a bitch, really.

:) You've got Mother Nature saying, "Too late! It's time to take out the trash!"

Now that I think on it, there was a movie done to that effect, not long after Silent Spring was published. I want to say it came out between 1968 and 1972, I just can't remember the title. Everything that could go wrong did, from major weather events to forest animals attacking campers out in the woods.

Ultimate scary unnatural natural event: The Birds. That did it for me!


Harry Potter Tales of Horror

The Owls...

Re: Harry Potter Tales of Horror

*dies laughing!*

Re: Harry Potter Tales of Horror

One of these fine days I've got to take all these random snippets I've come up with and wind them into a story...